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Along with on-the-job training, our apprentice electricians receive instruction through ProSchool Electrical Education, LLC. ProSchool is an academically rigorous training program involving once a week class attendance, tests, quizzes and homework. The course has instruction on code, electrical systems installations and electrical math calculations. The program is one of the best electrical schools in Colorado and throughout the region and tuition is fully funded by ProSystems, through our employee earned education credit. Contact us for details.

Our prefabrication facility is an ideal training ground for incoming apprentice electricians to learn the materials and tools of the trade prior to being exposed to job site hazards. Training is provided through ProSchool Electrical Education, LLC, is D.O.R.A. certified and is taught using the Holt Training Program.
ProSystems pays 100% of the tuition for this program. Call us for details.

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